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abc conductore diagram
abc conductore diagram

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Our company is a professional ABC cable manufacturers in China. We have aerial bundled cable with AAC conductors for sale. And we have aerial bunched cable with AAAC conductors. At the same time, we also have overhead service drop cable with ACSR conductors for sale with factory price. Please kindly send us your inquiry ABC cable conductors list and order quantity. Our sales team will send our offer documents to you within 12 hours. Email:

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The importance of abc conductore insulation.

The quality of the is good or bad, the first characteristic is reflected from the appearance of the product quality. Huadong Cable Group specializes in manufacturing high quality abc conductore. No matter what kind of cable or wire, or semi-finished products, we must attach importance to the appearance of quality in the production. And strict control over its manufacturing and inspection. Email:

abc conductores insulation appearance
The abc conductore insulation appearance

What kind of insulation layer meet the standards?

Insulation jacket is the appearance of the abc conductore. The appearance of the requirements are smooth and round, uniform luster, not eccentric core, no mechanical damage, no press flat, no visible debris and no obvious particles etc. In a word, abc conductore appearance should be beautiful and round. You can come to Huadong Cable Group website to see detailed product photos. Email:

abc conductores qualified insulation
qualified insulation of abc conductore

The importance of insulation layer thickness.

In addition to meeting the above quality requirements, the thickness of the insulation layer also have a certain impact on the quality of the abc conductore. It is well-known that the function of the abc cable sheath is to protect the conductors of the cable from being damaged under the action of external force and to play a protective role. If the abc cable insulation thickness does not meet the requirements, what’s the impact on the cable? First of all, if the thickness is lower than the standard, it will reduce the service life of the abc conductore. Email:

Due to prolonged exposure to external medium corrosion, the insulation level and mechanical level of sheath the thinnest point will decline. Secondly, routine sheath test and detection or line-to-ground fault occurs. The thinnest point may be breakdown if insulation layer thickness does not meet the requirements. What’s more, abc cable will generate a lot of heat when it is electrified for a long time. These heat will burn down the insulation layer if the thickness of the sheath is not up to the requirement. Meanwhile, you should also know, the abc conductore insulation layer thickness below the standard requirements are unqualified. The thickness exceeds the standard requirements is unqualified too. The abc cable made by Huadong Cable Group are absolutely trustworthy in terms of insulation layer. If you need abc conductore, then feel free to contact us. Email:

Different abc conductor price list
Types of abc conductore

Where to find quality and cheap abc conductore?

Everyone want to buy quality and cheap abc cable, I believe you have the same thought. In the abc conductore manufacturing process, all our workers are careful operation of equipment. And according to the standard strict control insulation layer thickness. This not only save resources for enterprises, reduce material consumption, increase profits. But also to ensure the quality of the cable to create quality and cheap abc cable for you. If you want to know abc conductor price list, please feel free to contact our Live Help any time. Huadong Cable Group is definitely your best choice for abc cable conductors purchase. Email:

Huadong Group abc conductores
Huadong Group abc conductore

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Huadong cable group is a one of professional ABC cable & wire factory in China, mainly production and sales cable. It located in the industrial zone in Zhengzhou. We have rich aluminum resources in the world, high quality and competitive price. Email:

Product Process: We produce the service drop cable & wire use the high quality aluminum material. Every production process has been strictly checked by our professional technical engineers.

abc conductores production process
production process of abc conductore

Packaging&Delivery: Before shipment every types of aluminum aerial cable have been rigorously tested. Email:

abc conductores testing packaging delivery
abc conductore testing packaging delivery

abc conductores customer case
ABC conductore customer case

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