ABC (Aerial Bundled) Cable HD 626 S1 (AL/XLPE)

ABC (Aerial Bundled) Cable HD 626 S1 AL XLPE

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The aerial bundled cables are designed for overhead distribution lines. All conductors made of aluminium 1350 and insulated with XLPE. It can be used for fixed installation as overhead power lines up to 1000V incl.Email:

3 core abc wire

4 core ABC cable

ABC (Aerial Bundled) Cable HD 626 S1 (AL/XLPE) Dimensions

ABC (Aerial Bundled) Cable HD 626 S1 (AL/XLPE)
ABC Cable-HD 626 S1 Standard-(AL/XLPE)
Number of cores x nominal cross sectionmin. breaking load of conductor strandCurrent rating in the airOuter diameterTotal weight
2x 16 RM1,9102,572147
2x 25 RM1,2004,0107208
2x 35 RM0,8685,5132277
2x 50 RM0,6418,0165361
4x 16 RM1,9102,572286
4x 25 RM1,2004,0107430
4x 35 RM0,8685,5132553
4x 50 RM0,6418,0165746
4x 70 RM0,44310,72051009
4x 95 RM0,32013,72401332
4x 120 RM0,25318,62901632
4x 35 + 1x 35 RM0,868/0,8685,5/5,5132/132694
4x 50 + 1x 25 RM0,641/1,2008,0/4,0165/107814
4x 50 + 1x 35 RM0,641/0,8688,5/5,5165/132845
4x 70 + 1x 25 RM0,443/1,20010,7/4,0205/1071105
4x 70 + 2x 25 RM0,443/1,20010,7/4,0205/1071217
4x 70 + 1x 35 RM0,443/0,86810,7/5,5205/1321150
4x 70 + 2x 35 RM0,443/0,86810,7/5,5205/1321289
4x 95 + 1x 25 RM0,320/1,20013,7/4,0240/1071438
4x 95 + 1x 35 RM0,320/0,86813,7/5,5240/1321467
4x 95 + 2x 25 RM0,320/1,20013,7/4,0240/1071544

Please check the specification, Our competitive price will send you within 12 hours. We can customize other cross-sections on your request.

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Product Process: We produce the ABC Cable use the high quality aluminum material. Every production process has been strictly checked by our professional technical engineers.Email:

 5 Core ABC Cable 5 core abc cable

 4+1 Core ABC Cable4+1 core abc cable

Our Advantages: We have exported aerial wires and overhead cables to more than 30 countries, such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries and etc. Huadong cable group is a one of professional overhead service drop cable & wire factory in China, mainly production and sales cable. It located in the industrial zone in Zhengzhou, it has rich aluminum resources in the world, high quality and competitive price.

ABC (Aerial Bundled) Cable HD 626 S1 (ALXLPE) stock
ABC (Aerial Bundled) Cable HD 626 S1 (ALXLPE) stock in Huadong Cable Group

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