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Huadong Cable Group: Professional ABC cable manufacturers from China. Meet your kinds of requirement of ABC wire and cable. With over 30 years aerial cable production experience and 15 years aluminum ABC cable export experience, aerial cable factory price without any third party. Email:

Our Advantage: Huadong cable group is a one of the best professional ABC cable suppliers in China, mainly production and ABC wire sales. It located in the industrial zone in Zhengzhou, it has rich aluminum resources in the world, high quality and competitive price. Email:

Custom Service: Huadong Cable Group can customize all ABC aerial cable size, you just need leave us your requirements. And we will reply you within 12 hours. Email:

Huadong Cable Group abc cable

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abc cable structure diagram

abc cable structure diagram

Please kindly send us your inquiry ABC cable list and order quantity, our sales team will send our offer documents to you within 12 hours. Email:

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MV ABC Cable

11kv/15kv/33kv Aerial Bunched Cable

The advantages of abc cable from Huadong Cable Group

Huadong Cable Group is a professional manufacturer of abc cable, scientific research, development, production and sales in one of the large-scale enterprises. Since the company’s products on the market, our company with a good reputation. And service has won the favor of consumers. Huadong Cable has become a well-known brand in the cable industry. If you need excellent abc cable, Huadong Cable Group will be your ideal choice. Our ABC cable has a stable and large market in the Philippines. The advantages of abc cable from Huadong Cable Group are reflected in the following aspects. If you already knew about our company, you also can get your quote now. Email:

Rich raw material resources of abc cable

China’s aluminum resources are abundant. Relevant departments based on the analysis of existing geological conditions and metallogenic conditions, the total amount of aluminum resources in China is expected to reach 5 billion ton. It is because of the rich abc cable raw materials, so the cost is relatively low and the finished product prices are cheaper. Many South African and southeast Asian customers have recognized the HDC aerial bundled cable brand. If you come to Huadong cable Group to choose the abc wire you need, will reduce your overall project costs. Email:

abc wire materials
abc cable materials of aluminum wire

China policy support for abc wire and cable

With the China great efforts to promote the construction of resource – saving society, the State Ministry of Industry has made it clear that they will support the development of aluminum alloy cable industry. Including the aluminum alloy cable into the new materials category. And the national “Guiding Catalog of Industrial Adjustment”. As we all know, aluminum and aluminum alloy is the main raw material for abc wire. So the development of aluminum alloy cable industry is the trend of the times. As abc cable manufacturers, Huadong Cable Group will make good use of this policy advantage. So that we can bring you more benefits and convenience. If you want to know more about the preferential policy, please . Email:

Advanced equipment and technology for abc wire production

Huadong Cable Group adopts domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing, processing equipment and testing equipment and reserve senior professionals. Only for produce more quality and cheap ABC cable .Products in strict accordance with GB, IEC, NFC33209、ICEA etc and corporate standard requirements of production. From raw materials to finished products out of the library, our company implement a comprehensive quality management. As overhead ABC cable suppliers, these equipments and technologies are the fundamental guarantee for the manufacture of quality and cheap ABC cables for you. Our Yemen clients said the quality of our overhead service URD cables is excellent. In the abc cable cost-effective, Huadong Cable Group is definitely your best choice. Email:

abc wire and cable production equipment
abc cable production equipment

Adhere to the concept of enterprise development management

Huadong Cable Group adhere to the “Market-oriented, operating as a leader, management-based, science and technology as a fundamental” business philosophy. We have insisted: quality is the foundation of an enterprise; uphold truth-seeking and pragmatic; keep improving; keep making progress; constantly create and sustainable development’s concept. Establishment of quality management system and after-sales service system in every detail of the product development and manufacturing. Email:

Our company is not only excellent abc wire and cable products suppliers, also great service providers. In a word, as a enterprise, all the Huadong Cable Group’s insistence on philosophy is for your satisfaction. As top China aerial cable manufacturers, all the ours insistence on philosophy only for you are satisfied with abc wire and cable product. Choose Huadong Cable Group is absolutely right if you need abc cable. Email:

Through a number of quality management system certification

Huadong Cable Group has passed the ISO9000-2000 quality management system certification. CCC China Compulsory Certification. The State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine issued the industrial production permit, etc. All abc cable are produced in accordance with GB, ICE, BS, NFC33 -209 and other standards. As abc cable manufacturers, Huadong Cable Group has strong technical force. Advanced production equipment. Perfect testing equipment and reliable product quality and excellent after-sales service. Email:

Huadong Cable Group in all aspects of quality, especially the process control strictly. So unqualified raw materials can’t put into production, unqualified products can’t flow into the next process. Strict inspection of raw materials, products and finished products ensure that manufactured abc wire and cable products conform your requirements. We always adhere to the quality first , the customer is supreme. If you want to know more about Huadong Cable Group, please contact us Email:

abc cable manufacturers certification
abc cable certifications

What kind of abc cable do you want?

Huadong Cable Group are the abc cable manufacturers, not just the distributor. So we can make the abc cable according to your requirement. No matter which country or region you come from, Huadong Group can produce the abc wire and cable you need according to the standard of your country or region. And we can produce the right cable according to your budget, construction environment, or any specific requirement. Come to Huadong Cable Group, you will surely choose the satisfying abc wire product. If you want to know abc cable price list, please get your inquiry, because prices are not the same for different abc cable specifications. Email:

Different abc cable price list
abc cable types

Huadong Cable Group not only to sell abc cable products more important to do the service concept. Adhere to the customer first, based on science and technology, to guide the future! We are not only the abc cable suppliers, but also is the company that serves the person who needs the abc cable. Our company constantly strives to provide the excellent products and customer service to achieve customer satisfaction. If you want to know more about us, please feel free to contact us. Email:

Our advantages: Professional abc cable manufacturer from China. Meet your kinds of requirement of abc cable. With over 30 years production experience and 15 years export experience, factory price without any third party.

ABC cable stock in Huadong Cable Group
ABC cable stock in Huadong Cable Group

Can be customized Standard: ASTM B232, BS215, DIN48204, JISC3109, AS, IEC, NFC, SS.

abc cable suppliers customer cases
successful customer cases

Why Choose Us?

Product Process: We produce cheap ABC cable use the high quality aluminum material. Every aerial cable production process has been strictly checked by our professional technical engineers. Email:

ABC Cable production process
ABC Cable production process

Packaging&Delivery: Before shipment every types of aerial ABC cables have been rigorously tested.

abc cable testing&delivery
abc cable testing&delivery

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