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aerial bunched cable types
aerial bunched cable types

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Please kindly send us your inquiry aerial bunched cable list and order quantity, our sales manager will reply you as soon as possible. Email:

LV ABC Cable

MV ABC Cable


11kv/15kv/33kv Aerial Bunched Cable

Custom Service

Huadong Cable Group can customize aerial bunched cable for you, you just need leave us your requirements. And we will reply you within 12 hours. Email:

How to choose high quality aerial bunched cable?

Maybe many people don’t know how to choose high quality aerial bunched cable. They even don’t know what kind of abc cable is suitable for their own use. Do you have similar problems bothering you? If you have, just look this article. Huadong Cable Group will give you some tips for selecting abc cables. Hope these advice is useful to you. At the same time, welcome to if you have any other questions. Email:

aerial bunched cable sample
aerial bunched cable sample

Choose a professional aerial bunched cables manufacturer.

In our opinion, the first factor you need to consider is choosing a professional aerial bunched cables manufacturer. Only concentrate on researching and manufacturing of abc cables, technology of a company can become more professional. More mature production technology and processes, and production equipment are more perfect, technical services are better. Professional, dedicated, focused. Then, the company can produce more excellent aerial bunched cable. Email:

Huadong Cable Group is a professional manufacturer of aerial bunched cable. We are a company which is scientific research, development, production and sales in one of the large-scale enterprises. If you need to purchase abc cable, our company is absolutely your ideal choice. and get your aerial bunched cable price list. Email:

professional aerial bunched cables manufacturer
professional aerial bunched cables manufacturer

Which part of the aerial bunched cable is the most important?

Whether the cable is good or not depends on whether its core components are up to standard. I guess you already know, the conductors of abc cable are made of all aluminum or all aluminum alloy. At present , there are few aerial bunched cables manufacturer with self – contained aluminum alloy conductor production technology. The company are even more rare which has the capability of continuous smelting. And continuous casting and continuous rolling of aluminum alloy conductor rod material production line. Email:

aerial bunched cable price list and structure
aerial bunched cable structure

Maybe you don’t know thera are some companies don’t have the ability of independent production of aluminum alloy rod. Just relaying on consigned processing or other non-formal channels to purchase aluminum alloy rod. Then, they not only can’t guarantee the basic quality of aluminum alloy cable. But also can’t control the quality of the abc cable from the source. Please feel free to if you want to know more about abc cable or aluminum alloy conductors. Email:

air bunched cable price list from Huadong
air bunched cable from Huadong Group

Why do you should choose our company?

If you come to our company to choose the aerial bunched cable you need, then you don’t have to worry about above issues. Huadong Cable Group has self – contained aluminum alloy conductor production technology. We have professional technician to solve the difficulty problems of abc cable production and manufacture. Our company from raw material selection, manufacturing, finished product,sales, to after-sales service are integrated system. Email:

air bunched cable price list of Huadong
advanced production equipment

If you buy aerial bunched cable from distributors, you have to spend more money for your contraction project because distributors will raise abc cable price in order to make money. So why don’t choose us directly? Right? If you want to get aerial bunched cable price list, please click the button on the website and get your quote. I am sure you will think our air bunched cable price list is reasonable. Email: Choosing Huadong Cable Group directly can help you to avoid unnecessary costs. Maybe this article is not enough for you to convince our company. You can see Huadong Cable Group’s website if you have more time. There are many successful customer case presentations. Welcome to our factory visit at any time or you can talk with us right now. Email:

aerial bunched cable testing&packaging&delivery
aerial bunched cable testing&packaging&delivery


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